Sunday 13 August 2006



This is the scene that greeted us as we rocked up to Heathrow with bags packed, ready to fly off to Spain for some much needed summer sun, sand and surf. A false start though - this is Heathrow - in pure chaos. Turns out that the morning we were due to fly, was the day of the terrorist scare - with plans uncovered to blow-up 20 planes flying out of Heathrow heading for the US. Heathrow shut down and we waited all day to learn that our flights had been cancelled. Very surreal to be in the airport and see the live BBC news covering the scene as its unfolding right in front of us.


After some hasty last minute re-booking, we managed to get flights out the next day from a different airport, still hell-bent on getting over to Spain. They put a total ban on hand luggage for months afterwards, and only now are they letting you take things in carry on...

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