Sunday 22 July 2007


Turkish Delight.

In late May we jetted off for Marmaris, Turkey to begin an epic week of sailing around the South-West tip. Armed with 10 of our best mates, we set of to explore the link between the Middle East and Europe.

The 12 of us put in to hire a yacht through Tussock Cruising (which includes a captain!) and when we arrived, this was the splendid boat that greeted us...
Dane took this shot pap style from the dingy!

Marmaris, Turkey.

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Setting sail from Marmaris, we settled into the good life....

Enjoying the Turkish goodness.

Dane enjoying paradise.

After a couple of days of "is this really happening?", we began sailing around the South coast with the aim of venturing ashore to explore more than just the Mediterranean. Captain Birol, the man, the master - led the map discussions... accompanied, of course, by a breakfast beer.

We sailed past Dalaman as far as Fethiye - a port town, which handles lots of Turkey's imports/exports... and headed on-land to start exploring.


We stopped in a road side village for a Turkish Breakfast . A traditional Turkish breaky is made up of boiled eggs, olives, cheese, honey and pancakes. Mmmmm...

The sweetest of pancake cooks!

About 20km inland from Fethiye is the Saklikent Gorge. This natural wonder is an 18 km gorge cut into the Daglar Mountains. We trekked against the current into the gorge. The rock walls have been shaped by years of water currents.

Through some mis-communication (we don't speak Turkish!) most of us had understood that we were supposed to take our shoes off! Yes, off! Which turned out to be interesting... especially after two hours of hiking...

Saklikent Gorge all to ourselves...

After about three hours of walking, and plenty of blisters we asked:

"So is there a look-out ahead?"

Captain Birol:

"Oh, I don't know... we've never been this far before..."


The crew. Three hours in...

After Saklikent gorge we headed for the coast again and the markets in Fethiye. Plenty of spices, Turkish delight, jewellery, eccentric characters and bargains to be found...

Back at the boat we're greeted by Captain Birol and some Turkish goodness...

Turkey nights.

The nights on the boat were beyond words. You could jump off the boat at any time, snorkel, wind surf or just bob.

The Med at dusk.

'Jin tonic?'

On of the more interesting aspects of this adventure was the unlimited alcohol supply. Yes, unlimited. IN particular, G&Ts. Poor Captain Birol - trying to sail the boat with our help and unlimited alcohol. He said he'd never had Aussies on-board before...

I love this shot of KT and I. Just captures the mood somehow.

Caunos -
Turkish Mud Baths and rock tombs.

We took a river boat from Dalyan to explore the mud baths and the rock tombs. You jump in the sulfur mud (coming up from natural springs) - it stinks!!!! then you jump out and let in bake on in the sun, before jumping in the clear spring water.

Getting amongst it. Stinks, but great for the skin!

As we continued down the river we stumbled across the rock tombs of Caunos. Tombs carved into the solid rock of the mountainside. We also explored Dalyan's 5000 year old ruined city.

Our amazing mates. Macca, Dane, Tom, Shilo, Rich, Chirs, Soph, Claudia, Bolz, Kate, Marty.

The girls - Claude, Bolz and Kate - Turkish style.


For our final night we ventured ashore in Marmaris.

It all started so innocently at a Shisha bar...

Then the crazy apple shisha and cocktails set in....

Then the night got wild - in an OPEN AIR Turkish club... shooting fire, podiums and about 5000 people going nuts!

We couldn't resist a 'Turkish' kebab on the way home...

The perfect end to an amazing adventure. Turkey times.

The Global Road Trippers.

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