Sunday 12 February 2006



A much anticipated Aussie Day celebration! We actually ended up celebrating the day harder than we ever had - must be something about being away from the mother land on that special day...

The party kicks off in Club 306 (a dorm room turned makeshift nightclub for the evening). And yes, that's daylight coming in through the window.....

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The crew in CLUB 306. The boys arranged special T-shirts for the day - No T-shirt, No Party. Image hosting by Photobucket

Of course, the celebration moved onto to Mad Trappers pub, complete with random renditions of the National Anthem, Waltzing Matilda, and "We are one, but we are many" - remember, that Telstra ad...

Claudia shakes her tail feather Aussie style
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The crew rev it up.
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A final scene from inside Trappers - love that sign....
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