Monday 17 October 2005

A Rockie Roadtrip


We left Vancouver after a few days recovery from our Vancouver Island road trip and pointed the Beast East toward the Rockies...

Hitting the Trans-Canadian-Highway with Beastie - this view is of the massive Okanagan Lake (right near the US border - views like this make long drives super easy!).
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The road trip...

In Kelowna by the Okanagan Lake
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After Kelowna, we headed toward Golden, however, the Beast decided to come to a complete stop in the middle of British Columbia (Castlegar to be exact) on Thanksgiving weekend... 'Thankfully' although we konked-out in the middle of the highway, we were right outside the Castlegar campgrounds so we literally rolled in for the night and slept in our broken Beast.

After two days of chillin in the Castlegar campground eating salmon Dane had caught during the Salmon season at Rivers Inlet, we eventually tracked down Ernie the mechanic.

Below: a very unamused Claudia looks on as double-denim Ernie attempts to fix the Beast @ 7.00am on his Thanksgiving Long-weekend Monday monring! Ernie, although short on teeth, was mechanically gifted and the Beast scored a new alternator and roared to life...
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Back on the road again...

The Canadian 'fall' (thats Autumn in Australia) put on some spectacular views... an awesome time of year to be driving in BC.
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The cliffs of Canal Flats - just before hitting the Rockies... we camped here for the night. A very cold night in Beastie. We saw wild Kokanee Salmon jumping out of the river here.
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On we go...
Canada Claudia and Dane

A local traffic cop stops to give directions outside the Rockies... we crossed from BC into Alberta (the first province East of BC).
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As soon as we hit the Rockies the scenery changed dramatically. Absolutely amazing views. The frozen roads definitely put Beastie to the test...

We camped in Tunnel Mountain, Banff, Alberta surrounded by the Rockies...
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